The purpose's site is to make visible images and animations created by
C&G - Computer & Graphica during the years 1983 - 1993, using workstations Genigraphics.

On the web since 2007, there were already some realizations taken from the C&G's production and use on website
I found by accident, but with great pleasure, the existence of the site
GE-GENIGRAPHICS, which seeks to revive old passions, and I thought I'd do something, basically for two purposes:

Make visible all the material at my disposal.

Then allow the editors of site GE-Genigraphics to take, if they deem it appropriate, the material that gradually I will put online here.

As I'll insert new material, I will update this page pointing the new pages inserted to the area below.

Memories-capt. 4


I thank for animations
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